Geiser Trophy Truck - $199k

2011 Geiser Trophy Truck$199,000.00 OBO
For Sale

Murrieta, CA

Race Parker or Use as a Prerunner

- FreshPrep by Evan Weller - See Below for details
- Dougans 474 8 stack SBC
- Culhane
- TW Underdrive
- Brembo Brakes
- 94 Gal Cell

Previously Cory Howell truck #10 - Amcor Truck

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Jonathan - 949-232-6235
[email protected]

Service notes

Trans cross member 12pt fasteners loose

RF hub cap O-ring torn, replaced ALL

LF hub, very little grease upon disassembly, seal spins in hub

RF Outer tie rod end loose

LR Brembo caliper stud stripped (replaced)

RF bypass reservoir not mounted upon delivery, fastened to chassis

Front driver tin above exhaust vibrating, added larger Dzus

RF LCA inner bushing play

Redline Geiser TT Prep:

Wash / tear down truck

Remove all body work and tin

Remove driveline

Remove axles and third member

Remove transmission

Remove brake calipers

Remove brake rotors

Remove rear hubs

Remove front rotors

Remove front calipers

Remove front hubs

Check ALL wheel bearings and races (NOTE RF O ring torn, replaced, LF hub very little grease and seal spinning in worn out hub) Remove Uprights

Remove both LCA's

Replace uniballs

Allen screws for hub seal plates stripped, remove and replace

Reassemble rear hubs w/ new seals, torque hub nuts @350ft lbs, installed LCA

Install uprights

New outer tie rod ends

Reassemble front hubs w/ new bearings, races, fresh wheel bearing grease

New seals, torque hub nuts @275ft lbs, install front brake rotors

Install front calipers (inspect seals, all good)

Install rear rotors

Install real calipers (NOTE RR caliper stud stripped, replaced stud)

Final prep front and rear brake lines

Install prepped third member

Install axles, ADD 250wt Swepco gear oil

Install freshly serviced TT transmission / converter (Serviced by Culhane)

Install underdrive (disassembled and inspected, GOOD)

Install driveline (Grease slip joint, inspect used driveline, GOOD)

Front DS tin above exhaust, hole for Dzus too big, added larger dzus to capture hole

FR bypass reservoir flopping around upon delivery of truck, we added mounts, and fastened to chassis

Set front and rear shock pressures (200bp/150co)

Fill transmission (Swepco ATF), bleed brakes w/ (Maxima DOT 4) clean / oil 8 stack air cleaners, install ALL tin, skid plates, tires, and body panels

Torque lug nuts @ 150 ft lbs

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